The Girls Ministries wants to see every girl moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to empower girls to realize their importance and potential in the kingdom of God.

We seek a future where girls and leaders — through mentoring and discipleship — form lasting, life-changing friendships.


Her heart ... her world ... His purpose...

Meet our leaders

Get to know our team of servant leaders that share God's love to our little ones in a relevant and interactive way!

Yerania Palomino.

Girls Ministries Director


Kay Vela

Asst. Director

her heart... her world ... His purpose

A club for all girls!

Girls ministries Revive Church

Our Values

  • Holy Spirit guidance
  • A servant ministry
  • Cultural relevance
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Christ-like character


To help the girls at Revive  Church reach every girl in its community by providing ministry options - award-based programs adaptable to each church's needs, non award-based curriculum, special evangelistic resources.

To provide training materials that will prepare leaders for the clubroom environment as well as changes in society.

To connect leaders through electronic media - website and moderated broadcast e-mail services.

To provide resources to involve parents in their daughters' spiritual journeys.

Future developments - printed and web parenting and social concerns resources.

Why just for girls?

Gender specific ministry is crucial for developing girls into women of God. Girls are faced with so much confusion and temptation in their daily lives, but in a setting catered to girls they can connect with each other and an older mentor who can invest in them through Bible study and activities and help them grow in their faith and discover the answers to the questions they face. Research shows girls learn more quickly and deeply when they are taught by a role model. Girls need a real-life example. When a girl understands what it means to be a godly woman, she aspires to the design that God intended. A single-gender classroom has many benefits, but the greatest of these is for a girl to feel safe and secure in her discovery of who God intended her to be.

Next Steps...

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