A little bit about Revive Church...

Revive church is a christian church of the Assemblies of God, located in the heart of Chandler, AZ. Revive is a place that embraces people regardless of your culture, background, age or social status.

Our congregation is made up of many nationalities. In our church we have people from Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, Argentina, Paraguay, and Dominican Republic among others. If you come visit us, you will feel a warm welcome from our congregation. We will worship God together!

At Revive we believe God has the power to heal, restore lives, and work miracles. We have seen healing from sickness, liberation from addictions, and marriages restored. This is why every Sunday we dedicate time to pray for people. It doesn't matter how big your need is, we serve a LIVING God in which nothing is impossible. Revive is a place for ordinary people, empowered by God for everyday life!



If you are new to Revive Church, we would like to inform you that on Tuesdays we have Prayer service at 7pm, Men's ministry prayer every Saturday at 6am and on Sundays we have our general worship English Service at 8:30 am

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We’re a church that centers around personal and family values and this is why we have a group/ministry for all ages; kids, youth and adults.

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Check out our upcoming events. There is something for everyone!

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